Bless This House

I had some unexpected ‘sort-of-family-free time’. Ethan was hunkered down upstairs waiting for his father who was still out at scouts with the other boys. Sean was curling up in his spot that he prefers to sleep in – and no, it’s not his bed 🙂

What I wanted was to be in my pajamas, on the couch watching my newest obsession – Game of Thrones. I decide, instead, to Bless My House. I learned the concept many years ago from and over the years it has come to mean different things at different times. Tonight it meant cleaning and praying.

Dear God, please bless my family. All of us. Keep us safe, and healthy. If that is not our lot, make us ready and able to handle all that comes our way. Thank you for our warm, safe little house. Hold us in the palm of your hand.

I lit some candles and incense and tidied up.

Fill our house with love and light and if I can ask for them, angels to watch over us. Lots of them with good senses of humor. Help us REALLY love one another. Like, REALLY.

I wiped and washed and Mrs. Meyers had my sink and counters shining and smelling like lavender.

Help me, help myself. Help me to love and accept other people – even the ones who don’t return the favor. Especially them. Help me understand what I see around me, and to realize that I don’t need to understand to carry on.

I swept and loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed the pans.

Just be here, near me and my family. Let me see the sacred in everyday things. Thank you for every, single thing that we have – all gifts. 

It was all of 30 minutes. I prayed about a lot of things. I pray a lot, in general, and for me, cleaning and praying go together – both meditative practices to be sure. I got the coffee in the pot and ready for the morning. I know I changed the course of tomorrow, to be honest with you.

DSC02561Handiwork by Ethan Costello produced in the Midland School Shop

1 thought on “Bless This House

  1. Theresa Novak

    I love the idea of praying while cleaning the house. I have never thought of doing that, but what a great time to do it–when you are already doing something for your family!! I love the way you ask that if you can’t all be healthy you can handle what comes your way–that is so important. I don’t know what people that don’t have faith do…I just can not imagine living without feeling that God’s got my back.

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