Why Blog?

Why do I write this blog? Why take the time to photograph, format and post bits and pieces of our lives as a family?

Anais Nin said, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” I feel that way about this blog.

I feel like blogging is similar to keeping photo albums, scrapbooking or keeping a diary, none of which appeal to me. I have been reading blogs since 1998 and loved them from the beginning. I love to read about how others live their lives, to hear other people’s opinions and theories, I am fascinated by the outliers, the strange and the brilliant, the sad, the triumphant and the ordinary – all of it! I am a consummate people-watcher. I want in on the action and want to interact in a worldwide community of people where you can find any type of personal story to strike your fancy – and I do.

I enjoy returning from a trip, picking my best photos and summarizing my experiences. I hope someone will feel inspired to go somewhere they haven’t not been or try something new, as I have by so many others. I love recording the funny things my kids say. I like documenting struggles and joys or both that we are experiencing. I am encouraged to take more pictures of family events and outings because I would like to post them here, and I am always so happy that I do. Gavin asked me recently if I kept ‘baby books’ when they were very little. No, I said, but now we have ‘the blog’. I wish I had started earlier. I thought about it many times and just never did.

Blogging is a hobby, that for me, has included improving my photography skills, honing a writing style and attempting to learn the technical side of keeping up a blog. I am so lucky to have Dennis to support my efforts in the technical aspects, but I do have aspirations of doing more and understanding more of it myself. I am not someone who easily picks up a hobby or hangs on to one for a long – but I think the blog is here to stay.

I like sharing stories of what happens in our home and our lives. This year I am striving to share a little more about what I think makes our family so interesting – and I admit I think that it is. Dennis and I have had people tell us that we should write a book. I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon – but I am happy to blog!

Dennis and I married young, and by 25 had Ethan and a mortgage. In many ways our life is totally traditional, and in others we are purely unconventional. We are raising four wildly different boys, homeschooling, and living on one income in one of the most expensive places in the country.

I’d like to share more about our life with Ethan and what challenges and blessings lie in a journey shared with such a unique young man with Down syndrome. I know not everyone can imagine what it looks like – but I’d love to be able to show you more of his extraordinary life. We have been through so much as a family in the last 18 years and believe there is so much still to come.

Gavin is extremely interesting in his own right and in light of his experiences in our family. He fascinates many adults and has some uncommon qualities. Some of these qualities may have been bestowed upon him from entering a world filled with Ethan and his friends, some by his lack of formal education in any sense of the word, and, no doubt, many by God. Normative is just not a word that can be used often in our family.

Mikey joined our family through a very unorthodox adoption – not a nice, neat newborn adoption – but a ‘messy’, state adoption of a toddler with serious medical needs. Mikey is a rare type of child, defined not only by his adoption or his role in our family, but also by truly amazing gifts and challenges that I often have a hard time portraying here. When I take a step back, I realize that him being my son is a real-life miracle and us being a family is amazing.

Sean, the old, wise soul is like the cherry on a sundae. He shares traits of each of his brothers and yet breaks the mold with untamed (literally) qualities that we have never experienced in any of children. He intrigues and challenges us – and I think it will stay that way for a while.

I like to share more of these things because they are part of the human experience that the internet has allowed us to share in the broadest sense. I enjoy opening my life for you to see so that we can find both the common threads that weave us together and the differences that give each of us a special place on this planet. This is my little spot – and I’ll keep blogging if you don’t mind.

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