How to Host a Boy Sleepover

1. Convince your husband and his best friend to keep them busy for a few hours at Dave & Busters and then the world’s tallest indoor ropes course.

2. Make purchases of photo booth pictures (that may or may not require speaking to one of them about profane hand gestures), CO2 canisters, a cardboard deer target, and an iPod case.

3. Make sure they are brought home tired and full of food. Hand them sleeping bags and camping pads and have them make camp in a bedroom.

4. Tell them to settle down and go to sleep 7 times before 2:45 a.m.

5. Remind them to use the bathroom one at a time.

6. Feed them french toast and 4lbs. a breakfast meat.

7. Remind them to ‘be careful’ when employing the CO2 canisters and the deer target.

DSC01747 DSC01753 DSC01755 (1) DSC01759 DSC017618. Give them rags and cleaning solution for the neighbors house.

9. Check on the shirtless dance party taking place on the second floor. Request dance music with less objectionable lyrics – and shirts.

10. Provide supplies and tools for those working out of Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.

‘…and made him the king of all wild things’
~ Where The Wild Things Are

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