29 – Perform on the Street

  50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

Sometimes we plan ahead to add a new ‘Dangerous Thing’ to our list, and sometimes, they happen spontaneously like this one.

While walking through Central Park, Gavin spotted a guy with a homemade stringed instrument. As is Gavin’s custom, he stopped to watch. Gavin asked questions about the instrument, the man, in broken English, explained that Gavin should play it. The man set him up and showed him quickly how to draw the bow across the strings in long strokes.


He was performing his choppy, little notes in the middle of the park! I tipped the man, and we moved on. Then, While I was waiting on line to buy entry tickets to The Central Park Zoo, I noticed Gavin doing this….


I couldn’t figure out what he was juggling (rocks that he found nearby) and then I noticed the upturned hat – really, Gav?! He was excited by the thirty five cents that were tossed into his brother’s borrowed hat.


I guess it was enough motivation to prompt him to make a plan and try again. He asked me what time the zoo closed and where the exit was located. When I could not find him as we were ready to leave, I noticed he had set himself up in the pathway of the parting zoo patrons. Again, with his rocks and his upturned hat he earned $2.50. I thought his desire to test out ‘street performing’ was really cool, required a level of bravery and confidence that impressed me and also scared me just a little.

Thank you Circus Place for the juggling skills!

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