A Little Mess

It’s dark and late – you know the time. The couch is calling and so are these guys. 15 hours ago I got up and got started, and at this juncture, I am soooooo ready to call it a day. I am then faced with a dilemma prompted by this scene.

It’s not terrible. A regular mess – nothing interesting. But the question looms – to clean or not to clean!
I tell myself that I can do it in the morning. I tell myself it’s time to sit down and I secretly hope that fairies will come clean it up.Then I try the experiment that I often employ when there is something I hate to do – I time it. I dislike switching laundry from the washer to the dryer and starting up a new load – I do not allow myself to put clothes into baskets, because they will stay there, so I need to fold what comes out of the dryer immediately. When I timed it, it takes under 5 minutes! Unreal, all that fretting over a few minutes. Same with unloading the dishwasher – 9 minutes. Now I know. 
This spot is really the hub of the kitchen – starting the day with a disaster puts me behind the minute I wake up. It would be such a gift if I could wake up and start fresh. So I give that gift – to myself.

Dishwasher loaded, pots washed, dried and put away, counters wiped and coffee pot filled and ready for the morning – 17 minutes. 17 minutes to a better morning, less work and a clean slate. Leave it or clean it – what do you do?

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  1. Nicole

    Ah, yes. I hate that nighttime stuff, too, when the couch is {finally} calling. But I am like you, I always regret it if I don’t get it done. A lot of times I will just set the timer for 15 minutes and do everything I can do in that time, rewarding myself with time off when I am done. And I usually am able to get it all done in that time.

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