Polygamy or Cloning?

My kids each need their own mother. I think each of them could keep a mother busy, meeting their needs and addressing their issues on a full-time basis.
I mean, Sean’s 3, right? His energy level and curiosity are competing for high scores. He would like for me to read to him for hours on end. His attention span is such that setting up the paint and the playdough sometimes seems to take longer than he enjoys them. He loves games and wants a competent player to compete with. He would like to visit the park everyday, usually when his brothers would prefer to be doing something else. Same with toddler time. He wants juice, Xbox, to bake cookies and for me to sing him a song – now! He’s all needs…all the time. 
How about Mikey whose favorite mantra is ‘what should I do now?’. He needs a cruise director extrordinaire. He likes focused attention, workbooks, and games. He can’t find what he’s looking for. He needs help picking out 3 good books for him to choose from.  He wants set up with music to listen to, books he can read, and projects he can work on. He wants Sean to not mess up what he’s tying to do. Mikey needs lots of reminders, directions, lists and more reminders and to know where his favorite Star Wars guy is – now!
Gavin wakes up with questions about whether animals have souls or not. Did I hear about ‘that guy’ on the news? He wants to know what I know about the Gold Standard and the Federal Reserve and where he can find more information. Who else is running for president besides the usually suspects, what’s for lunch, and do I want to play a game without Mikey & Sean? He needs documentaries about WWII and the rise of The Third Reich, and to know how long will it take me to decide if he can read The Killing of Osama Bin Laden. He wants to know where he can he find more cardboard and tape. Gavin loves to narrate entire conversations to a willing audience – me!
Ethan needs full time surveillence. He also needs a manager for all the chargers of his electronics. He wants AutaBuy to publish as a daily magazine and for me to find it – even if it means we stop at two 7-11s and several Quik Checks to find the right edition. We wants more Hot Wheels cars – now! He needs to download several songs and apps on an emergent basis. He needs to go to the store for one more coloring book and a Coke – you guessed it – now!
My kids are interesting, challenging and unique. But all four of them together are a force to be reckoned with. If I had to deal with each of them to the exclusion of their brothers – it might not be so bad – but right now their demands overwhelm me and I think I need a sister wife or a clone or three. Help! I’m sinking.

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