Columbus Day is Cousin’s Day

After a particularly fantastic day at Belmar Beach on October 10 last year (yes, that’s right!), I declared that each Columbus Day from then on to be “Cousin’s Day” Although we spend lots of time together, I know that in the coming years the kids will get older, more busy and more independent. I hope that my sister and I can foster this habit now, and hope that the cousins will continue to meet up on this day every year in the future. I love making up a holiday!
The night before, there was an impromptu jaunt into NYC with these two. (More about that trip in a later post)

They made me laugh so hard on the train that people must of have thought I was drinking. They also informed me twice that I was embarrassing them by asking questions of an MTA employee about riding the subway and they were also texting each other in close proximity. They are truly practicing being teenagers.

We decided on The Philadelphia Zoo for our official ‘Cousin’s Trip’. This is the whole crew.

May I present a photo montage or our 2nd Annual Cousin’s Day!
Orangutan Arms

Bald Eagle fascination

He actually did not expect to get pecked.

Draft horse ride.

Carousel in a Spinning Basket

Tiger fascination – 25 minutes worth

Waiting for the polar bear to dive in.

African birds in Philadelphia!

What’s wrong with this picture?
If you have cousin’s, think about making up your own cousin’s day. 
I hope to bring you many more installments. 
I wonder if someday I won’t be invited?

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