Dear Ms. Over-Reaction,

That was some scene you made in the supermarket. 
After chasing me down by yelling in a panic-sticken voice, “excuse me, you can’t leave your young children unattended in the car!” you still refused to listen to reason. Even when I explained that one of my children was nearly twelve and completely capable of caring for his brother (who is not 2 as his size indicates) for 10 minutes, you continued your rant, nice and loud so that bystanders could get involved. 
You were so confident and self-righteous as you yelled about how ‘the law says you can’t do that’. Even when I told you that you were incorrect, and although I truly appreciated your concern – you continued. Again, I explained that my child was nearly 12 years old and capable of being issued a ‘Babysitting Certification’ from the Red Cross, was currently CPR/First Aid Certified and was very experienced in caring for his brother. I explained that the children had, in fact, asked to wait instead of traipsing through the store.
Your response to two happy children safely left for 10 potential minutes in a cool, locked car – call 911?! Really?! Part of me wishes that I could have stood around and debated this with you and the soon-to-arrive police officers. I would have enjoyed them telling you that there is, in fact, no law against it. But my kids would not have liked it. Police involvement would have upset them and would have been pretty traumatic – unlike being allowed to quietly play their Nintendo DSs together in the car.
 I told Gavin why we were leaving the parking lot. He said that he thought it was ironic how many times I told him to just come in the store with me – not because I was less than completely confident in his abilities to remain carefully in the car  – but because someone might call the cops on them waiting in the car. He said he hardly believed it could happen.
So this week, as you recount how you saved two poor, neglected children from certain bodily harm and injury, I’ll be around, making my kids confident and competent to handle the world around them. I’ll be teaching them to cook on the hot stove and allowing them to cross the street. I’ll be preparing them to spend some time home alone and cut with really sharp knives. I will teach them to think for themselves and to remain confident in their own abilities and how to deal with those who would have them believe that they can’t. 
Ms. Still-Shaking-My-Head

P.S. I am not sorry for swearing.

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