24 Hour Reprieve

Just Jewelry Girl and I have been friends for about 14 years. We have so many opposing personality traits that we often ponder how we remain friends. It’s just the way we like it. We used to be neighbors and we are fellow homeschoolers. As much as I wish we were still neighbors, we’ve managed the years and miles just fine.
Gavin holding a birthday girl
impromptu jam session
looking for the chickens
I recently went out for 24 hours. I don’t enjoy making the 2-4 hour trek (depending on traffic) to Long Island, NY and back in one day. Ethan is able to stay home with Dennis and the two of them can handle thier schedules while I take a little jaunt off with the other three. You weren’t under the impression that Ethan likes roadtrips or changes in scenery, were you?

don’t worry – there were no flames
Sean smiles

doctoring a friend (we had to ask them to mop up the hydrogen peroxide
that covered the floor when this was done)

This was a nice trip for me. I can get sucked into my routines and at the moment, the house is begging for all types of attention – cleaning out of closets and organizing of ‘stuff”. I can do it all day if no one stops me – but this visit stoppped me. I just needed a reminder of how nice it is to take a break.

real flames for these two
rope swinging
chasing chickens
birthday present testing

The kids ranged in age from 13 down to 2. It is always interesting to see the pairing and then re-pairing of playmates.

shirt fighting?!

petting the pets

chicken pal

Just Jewelry Girl is a good cook, has great playlists on her ipod and has a quiet, dark, and cool guest room. Why don’t I go here more often?!

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – John Lennon

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  1. Christina, Just Jewelry Girl

    I left a comment last night but it’s not here? I loved reading this, and the pics are great! Thank you so much for coming to visit – we really do need to do this more often! I’m so thankful for our friendship. 🙂

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