Balancing Act

Have you missed me? You don’t have to answer that.
I’ve missed posting at least a weekly if not bi-weekly post because my precious, little laptop quit working. Oh sure, we have other computers in the house (Dennis lives here, remember?!?) but it means sitting in what I refer to as a dungeon. The walls, are in fact, painted ‘Castle Walls’ gray, and the air is warm and stale. All the makings for gamers and programmers, I suppose, but not for me!
I like to sit at the helm of my ship which is located at one end of the island in the kitchen surrounded by sunny windows and just the right amount of a/c vents. It puts me on the middle floor of my open-floor-plan-house, where I can hear everything, which is a necessary vantage point here. I can read blogs, write blogs, read email, and do all the magical things my laptop could provide to me when it was not being insubordinate.
Dennis has assured me that a super-compliant, action-ready laptop is on it’s way here, but it will arrive while he is at Cub Scout Camp with Mikey. Phooey! I’m going to have to figure out how to plug it in myself – no wait, Gavin will be here! Then I will download the 1,026 photos I have taken over the last 10 days and find some way to neatly package them into posts about all our recent adventures – so mark your calendars – “Posts coming soon”!
I continue to remind people who say “I can’t believe how fast the summer went”, that summer has not gone anywhere. In my estimation, it is just about 1/2 way through. I maintain that summer ends somewhere around the 21st of September (you know, like the calendar says) and extends out even further if mother nature is a cheerful giver. Please God, talk to her, will you?!
I am reading a lot of books and thinking about a lot of things. I am a little restless and eager for something on the horizon, but I cannot make out clearly what it is. I am thinking about this household of boys, and wondering if the principles we live by are clearly established. I wonder if I am pursuing the things that I believe in. I am wondering what I really believe in. I am pondering the moment I am in as well as dreaming about the future. This is not a luxury I have partaken in often, and I am finding it an extremely unchartered and curious exercise. It’s like standing in the middle of the see-saw as a kid, a little to far to one side and the end bumps harshly into the ground – but find the right balance in the middle and the arms of the teeter-totter extend out like giant wings ready to take flight. Can I keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds?
So as I contemplate these deep thoughts, I will rely on the things that I know I can count on – Pandora. Bose Speaker. Raft

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  1. Pat Morris

    Really? 1026? I am impressed. Using the 10% rule – 10% of photos are really keepers – there are bound to be lots of great photos….here I sit awaiting the unveiling…

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