August Interlude

I get behind on blogging and then I don’t know what to do, and then I don’t want to post, but I want to post, but I’m behind and overwhelmed and then…
I post a photo montage with little blurbs underneath. I wonder if you like when I do that?

We have been Geocaching a new trail at Duke Farms. It is longer and harder than we thought it would be.
That’s a good thing.

 A great day at Navesink Lighthouse. We’ve passed so many times, but this time we stopped in.

 A little archery, with the hopes that a lot more archery is to follow.

Beach day. See that beautiful water – that’s Jersey folks 🙂

Boardwalk fun.

Crab cooking.

 For crab eating…

 more crab eating…

more crab eating…

and still more crab eating

I noticed I’ve had trouble blogging in August before. That’s ok, though. As the newest quote on my front page says, ‘Have the day you have.’ It’s a fantastic quote from an equally fantastic movie, ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’. I thought it was a great movie, and it set me off on crying jags several times. If your kids are less strange than mine and you’ve never had one of your children delivered by car it might not have the same effect on you. I found the movie very poignant and profound. I’d like to have that quote tattooed on my arm. So if every blog post can’t be great – just post the blog post you can.  

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