A Renassaince of Sorts

The New York Renaissance Faire celebrated their 35th year this summer – and I think I’ve visited for about 25 of those years! Dennis and have gone together for about half of those and now we are passing on the tradition to our kids.

The venue in Tuxedo Park, Stirling, NY is a super back drop comprised of forested acres, water features, grassy knolls, wooded pathways, and great structures built just for the occasion. 
The artisans that present their wares enjoy explaining their crafts, providing lots of information about the Renaissance time period, tools of the trade and their chosen medium. I’ve never saw one of them tire of the questions that my crew could pepper them with. 

The faire is full scale theatrical production. The characters roam the grounds and move from one location to the next – including stages like the jousting grounds and a chess board.

Gavin spent some time watching and juggling with Paul Del Corral. It really thrilled him to spend time with such a talented guy and realizing they had a mutual friend in Criag Quat of Circus Place.

A show that we’ve enjoyed before and enjoyed again was Arnold & Stuart’s Knife Throwing Show. Their knife throwing is amazing and their comedic timing is great. If you click here, you can watch them on youtube – but beware, I’ve already had several requests for throwing knives!

A favorite act that we saw was Jayna Lee on the static trapeze. She and her partner, Collette, were so talented, funny and daring. She also has some videos on youtube that you and your kids might like!

I love taking the kids to places like this. I feel like they get a frame of reference for the period in time. I love living history! It is also a place that provides exposure to people who are making a living through their art – both creative and performance arts. Going to the Ren Faire is like walking into a storybook.
There are several weekends left, so you could probably still get there – and, oh, I forgot to mention the food! Have a ‘steak-on-a-stake’ and an onion blossom – and if you are so inclined, hard cider or mead 🙂 You’ll also LOVE the music.
Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.
~ William Shakespeare

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