A Date With Ethan

 I don’t often have ‘just’ Ethan with me, but after this great night, I aim to remedy that. I dropped Gavin, Mikey and Sean off at a local vacation bible school (fun for all!) and because Dennis had something else he needed to do, I had 2 hours to spend with Ethan. I offered him a couple games of bowling and he accepted!

Bowling is one of Ethan’s ‘things’. He’s got a ball and his own shoes, he knows the system and he is comfortable at the bowling alley. He even likes the food. Ok, he especially likes the food. 
It was very nice having all my attention on Ethan. There was definately a different dynamic with the ability to have casual conversation without juggling the other boys. Ethan was clearly more relaxed and he was much more conversational. There are times at home that I grab a few moments to ask him about school and his friends, but it is usually met with some sort of fresh retort. You know, like ”You’re old mom!”
In the bowling alley he was really happy and funny. He was chatty and pleasant. Clearly a change of pace. We hi-fived for spares and strikes and I was boo-ed for gutter balls. After Ethan’s gutter balls he said ‘No matter!’ Of course not. 
He talked me into nachos and a Pepsi – who could resist such a charmer? I beat him, but he said I didn’t. I showed him the score – he still said “No matter!” I guess it really didn’t. I am still hoping for second date 🙂

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