June Recap

Oh, June, really?!? I mean, what happened? You were here one minute and gone the next. For some reason the transition from June to July always comes so unexpectedly for me. 1/2 of the month is always sucked up by the end of school for Ethan and other sundry activities. I feel that June is like an introduction – ‘look, summer fun is on the way’ and then BAM – it’s July.

Thanks anyway, June for…

Strawberry picking at Alstede Farms

A Citizenship Award for a dressed-up Ethan

A Troop meeting for Gavin (the first I’ve seen him as a Boy Scout)

Can you find him?

The end to our weekly homeschool playdate

A trip to Cabela’s (that I’d rather forget!)

A stop at Crystal Cave (that went markedly better)

A hockey team pool party (complete with blow up hockey sticks)

Marshmallows roasted with friends

A Patriot’s baseball game with fireworks

June was lovely. Now I hear July whispering, “I won’t be here long, just 31 fleeting days of heat and happy memories, use them wisely!”

There are still more ‘to do’ items than ‘done’ on our list – Bring it on July!

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