Deliciously Dangerous Day

We recently recieved an invitation to a BBQ from a childhood friend of mine. I met him when I was in 6th Grade at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club where we hung out after school to swim, and to play basketball and video games.

My friend was smart, extremely funny and *wild*. He and his friends played with BB guns and fireworks, had all manner of reptiles and exotic pets (pet spider monkey included). They waded through swamps and had innocuous run-ins with the police. They camped and fished and came and went from home as they pleased. They enjoyed a freedom that very few boys and probably fewer girls do. They were the ultimate ‘free range’ kids.

I am occasionally concerned about how my boys will fare at some peoples’ homes. They all have high activity levels and rambunctious hobbies. I was not concerned in the least that this social engagement would be less than great for everyone.

I told Gavin that he could bring his slingshot because I thought that Mo might have an open area in which he could play with it. Our postage stamp lot doesn’t really support the velocity and distance of his little glass projectiles. I should have known.

Yep, official shooting range. My friend provided the kids with an extra slingshot and additional ammo – lots of awesome targets including ‘the devil’ right there top center!

It also turns out the Badminton is a really fun game, regardless of what gym class led you to believe.

Mo’s real love is turtles! Always has been. There are some very lucky turtles that share this beautiful piece of property with him and his family.

Just like old times there was plenty of dangerous activities that included fire. For convenience, my friend carried a blow torch that fascinated the boys. Smoke bombs were launched from slingshots and the kids were promised that the fireworks wouldn’t end until the police had come twice. Delivered – much to Ethan’s pleasure.

The food was delicious, the weather optimal and the setting heavenly. The best part of the visit was seeing my friend and his family so happy and healthy.

Post Script – Dennis and his friends have similar stories they could tell of crazy things they did as kids and teenagers. (I may have some too) I think it is awesome how you sometimes get to see how the people and experiences in your life prepare you for the future. Mo helped make me the mom I am today!

“They said they would rather be outlaws a year in Sherwood Forest than President of the United States forever.”
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Tom and Joe Harper, Chapter 8.

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