A Farm & Waffles

We’ve planned for some time to go to Howell Living History Farm. Although they run very nice programs, we just went for the visit. It turned out we picked a good day, since we were practically the only people there, along with our friends.

The farm is a completely bucolic setting and you feel transformed to another place and time – but remember, we are the Garden State! We were greeted by a large pasture full of beautiful, wooly sheep and a pond with ducks and geese off in the distance.

I love the opportunity that we often encounter when we are at a place during a down time and the docents/employees have time to speak with the kids. This time they had the chance to do ‘farm chores’.

The day was filled with the expected animals and some unexpected finds.

It was wonderful to see the boys in this setting with each other and their friends!

We had lunch at a place called Nina’s Waffles in New Hope. What a nice, sweet place to eat. The kids were totally thrilled to have breakfast/dessert for lunch. Mmmmmm – get there if you can. Gavin had his with Mango & Cream Ice Cream, Mikey with Strawberry, mine was with cannoli cream, and Sean’s with 1 marshmallow on-the-side.

This is the kind of day that makes me so happy to live in NJ. I feel like we have such a premium spot to see all types of landscapes and enjoy tons of great towns. I can’t think of much my kids won’t see at some point – from working farms, to broadway shows, beaches, lakes and rivers, to big cities and everything we can find in between!

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