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I know something’s been going on around here, but I am just not able to pack it into neat little posts with shiny pictures. It seems like the days right now come in drips and drabs and there has been so much to wrap up – hockey, scouts and Ethan’s school year. There was playoff hockey, which is always fun to watch with the added pressure. No 1st Place teams, though. I made somewhere in the ballpark of 150 chocolate covered Oreos as ‘thank you’ gifts for the staff at Midland. ‘Thank you’ often doesn’t seem quite enough for what they do for Ethan.
I’ve been filling out camp forms and registering for swim lessons. Gavin conquered staying overnight with the scouts on a camping/canoeing trip for the first time – just in time for 7 days away from home! I’ve made countless phone calls and sat for many hours trying to account for every penny of our OWN money to be reimbursed by our FSA account. I got to $2,971.43 out of $3,000. I think that’s as good as it’s going to get.
The baby, um, I mean, Sean had a fever for 5 days. Ethan has been flying a little high with all the end of school excitement. What that means to is that he pulls stunts like ‘borrowing’ a bunch of boxes from the attic (yes, they were previously filled) and packing up his whole room so he could pretend to move! E is a great packer. Awesome.
We picked up our pop-up camper after 18 months in storage to find it practically ruined. By practically, I mean probably $1500 in repais and countless hours of scrubbing. Unexpected, for sure.
See, none of it gels, and it’s a disjointed routine of errands and chores and no fun day trips. It seems like all work and no play. It’s probably not true.
What is true is that it’s Monday, and today we will make a ‘Summer Vision Board’ of things everyone wants to do this summer. Dennis will contribute, ‘Stay Home’ and ‘Swim in our Pool’. We’ll join the library’s Summer Reading Program and as soon as the sun comes out again and the thermometer hits 90, all will be right with the world and I will find my Summer Mojo!

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