17 Things About Our 17 Year Old

1. Ethan was born on June 24, 1995 (the day the Devils won their first Stanely Cup).

2. He generally eats 4 foods. There are rare exceptions.

3. Even though he eats 4 foods, he LOVES to eat them in restaraunts.

4. Ethan likes to watch Spongebob for exactly the amount of time it takes him to eat a snack – he then promptly shuts off the show, even in the middle, and even if someone else is watching.

5. Ethan used to shun homemade chocolate chip cookies in favor of Chips Ahoy brand, even when I hid them in the same wrapper.

6. He ‘auditioned’ for the part of a newborn baby with Down syndrome for The Guiding Light.

7. Ethan is bald because he has Alopecia Universalis. He likes being bald very much.

8. Ethan owns hundreds of matchbox cars, and enjoys playing with them.

9. Ethan can color for several hours at a time.

10. Ethan has been recently begun carrying a ‘man bag’ – you should see the contents!

11. Ethan utilizes several terms of affection for people in his environment – ‘old man’, ‘poopy hair’, ‘meany mom’, etc. He *thinks* he is hysterical.

12. Between birth and around age 7, Ethan was critically and chronically sick. He now rarely gets sick.

13. Ethan LOVES being a spectator and sporting events – especially the Devils. He enjoys boxing, baseball, basketball, and car racing.

14. Ethan is an absolute book fanatic. He keeps close tabs on what he owns, likes arranging them in ways that make sense to him, and brings his favorites everywhere he goes.

15. As a little child, Ethan broke or figured out every baby lock we could get our hands on, climbed babygates (even when I stacked them two high) and shredded three ‘tents’ meant to keep kids in their cribs.

16. Between the ages of 2 and 10 Ethan slept very little – sometimes staying up all night – sometimes several days at a time. He is now usually the first person to head to bed.

17. Ethan is interesting, funny, a good brother, an excellent student, and I am proud to be his mother. He is loved deeply by his family and I am happy to wish him a very happy 17th birthday. It will be celebrated with yet another bowling party.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Read more about Ethan here.

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