Roadside America

From a very young age I have been drawn to the strange, odd, macabre, and weird. Imagine that! I have always enjoyed Weird NJ, Ripley’s and other fantastical publications. During my high school years at my super-tight-behaviorly-controlled religious school, I was ‘caught’ with a version of this magazine by a crusty english teacher. She expressed her ‘deep concern’ that I was reading something like this and pulled in the guidance counselor in to speak with me. Really. They wanted to know if I believed everything in the magazine. I told them that I wouldn’t bother answering them. I knew if I said, ‘yes’, I was in for all manner of ‘interventions’ and if I said ‘no’ the line of questioning would be about why I would read it. Neither discussion was palatable to me. I am sure some number of demerits proceeded my silence.
Moving on to today, I still really enjoy things that are off the beaten path. One thing that provides me with a lot of fun is Roadside America. No matter where you live or are visiting, it is sure to list some ‘roadside’ attractions like The World’s Tallest Water Tower, in Union, NJ, where I grew up. This app has proved to deliver all manner of interesting desitnations.
If you peruse it long enough, and visit some of the places, you are sure to find the following pictures where you will be able to find varying combinations of Costello children.

Giant Steel Hockey Player

Toll Booth Collector – Vintage Toll Booth

Mass Grave of WWI Ammo Plant Disaster

The Big Duck

There are more pictures, but I’ll leave it to you to find them! Get out and go 🙂

“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.”
―   Dr. Suess, The Cat in the Hat

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