Circus School – All That I Hoped For

My first encounter with The Circus Place left me full of anticipation. I loved what I saw and I eagerly signed Gavin & Mikey up for a daytime class for homeschoolers. I liked a lot of what I saw right away. The class was multi-aged, boys and girls, complete beginners and kids who had dabbled a little already in ‘circusy skills’.

The class always warms up. I’ve seen yoga, cardio, strength training, stretching, breathing exercises,  mediatative exercises and even interpersonal skills being practiced during this time. We have had the benefit of several different instructors – all with different styles, and all effective with the kids.

I am really happy with the scope of skills the class has been exposed to.

Tightrope, juggling, aerial silks, trapeze, peddle-gos, diablo, crystal sticks, improvisation, and showman skills have all been introduced to the kids. The kids are permitted to gravitate to what they are most drawn to and their skills are fostered.

The energy at The Circus Place is calm and positive and welcoming. One afternoon I had Ethan with me. Craig Quat was instructing and casually invited Ethan to join them. I don’t often get to see Ethan participate in that way and he was calm and happy through the entire class. I was fascinated by what I saw.

It’s just a magical place. Take my word for it.

My boys have never been interested in performing for a group or on stage, but that seems to be waning with their new-found abilities!

I see my boys developing extrordinary balance, eye hand coordination, core strength and flexibility, confidence and persistence and doing all kinds of great things with their bodies and minds.

Circus Place – for body, mind and spirit!

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    I am overwhelmed by your words. You always capture the essence of what we strive to do. Knowing that we make a difference to your family continues us inspire us to keep doing what we are doing. We work everyday, developing new ways to keep the kids successful-Thank you for your Blog, and allowing us to continue to work with your wonderful children!


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