The Newark Museum

We had a chance to enjoy The Newark Museum for the first time. Thanks to a savvy homeschooling mom that tipped us off to a good deal on Seize the Deal for membership that includes a great reciprocity agreement.
The museum was easy to get to and has it’s own parking lot. The hours are 12-5. We had no agenda when we got there, we weren’t looking for something in particular, which was nice. We simply perused what they had with plans to come back a few more times (the benefits of membership!)
There are plenty of hands-on exhibits to interest the kids.

A new exhibit, Generation Fit, was not only hands-on, but whole body. A good place to burn off steam and calories! If you are looking for art, they have Asian, African, American, and my boys’ favorite – classical artifacts from Greece, Rome and Egypt.

We took in a show in their small, but very nice Dreyfus Plantetarium. They change their showings periodically, so we look forward to seeing something else soon. The museum also boasts The Ballentine House, which we did not visit yet, an outdoor garden, an old schoolhouse and a fire museum.

It’s a nice place to stroll through and see what grabs you kids’ interests and take it from there. The boys’ agreed it is somewhere they would like to go many more times. I like the idea of having places like this lined up for when extreme weather on the forecast. I also find that seeing things displayed really solidifies an idea or a concept that we have read or heard about.

They had a great gift shop and I am definately picking up the teeny, tiny origami bird earrings they have – I knew I’d be sorry when I left without them.

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