Flat Fun

My friend, Jennifer, over at Toadhaven got us interested in ‘flat’ activities. Flat Stanely is an adorable children’s book that then lends itself to very fun activities involving ‘flats’. You can make a ‘flat anything’ – yourself or characters from other books – we’ve even seen flat peaches (think James and the Giant Peach).
A teacher from an Arizona middle school contacted Toadhaven because of her blog posts about flat activities they have done. The Arizona teacher was looking for someone to take the flat crickets her class had made into Times Square, NYC, after reading A Cricket in Times Square. Jennifer knew just who would be interested!
Flat Gavin & Flat Mikey (with Jack & Annie from Magic Treehouse) got to do alot of fun things in Arizona.
The Sonoran Desert

A ‘flat’ playdate!

We took 4 flat crickets, each representing a class full of 4th graders to Times Square. It started on the train.

We took the crickets to see the sites.

Empire State Building

NY’s Finest

Rockefeller Center

M&M Store

Heart of Times Square
NYC Newstand

We enjoyed showing the crickets around. We would enjoy being tour guides to some more flat friends anytime. I will also be getting our flats back to send them off to more exciting destinations. Are you going somewhere cool that our flats can visit with you?

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  1. Susan

    This is so fun! I’ve heard of this before, but we haven’t ever done it ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing with Look! What We Did!

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