Finding Your Tribe

I love to people watch. I also enjoy meeting people who are completely different than me. I think it is where my love of blogs comes from. I like to read/hear about how people live their lives, especially when it is completely foreign to how I live mine. Really, who doesn’t like to watch 
The Duggar Family do things? 
But when it comes down to daily things, I get by with a little help from my friends. There are other moms that I just need to be around. We are on the same team. They can challenge my beliefs and motives, but always with the goal of making me better, not putting me down. I need to know that we share experiences and challenges that put us in the same boat, so that I don’t feel like I am rowing alone.
It’s not in the details, it’s in the big picture. Hearing someone say that what I am doing matters and what I struggle with is understandable fills my tanks with the fuel that keeps me going.
Thank you if you are someone who does this for me, you know who you are. Now get out there, and find your tribe.

1 thought on “Finding Your Tribe

  1. Theresa

    This is so true. I found it even more so when we started homeschooling…doing something sort of not the norm really made me appreciate other women who are also doing it!

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