A Weekend Worth of Fun

We saw the Lorax on Dr. Suess’ Birthday at the Dunellen Theater. That was two treats in one! The movie was good and if you haven’t had a chance to go to the Dunellen Theater and eat pizza on their coffee tables while you watch, you are really missing out!
Saturday, it was on to the Big Apple Circus. We have been attending this circus for about 10 years. “Grandma the Clown” has been somewhat of an institution in our house. Ethan has at times ‘been’ Grandma the clown, wanted her (um, him) over for dinner, referred to all of us as “GrandmaClown” and pasted pictures of her (him) up in his room. He uses the words “GrandmaClown” and ‘circus’ interchangeably. We have received free tickets to this circus, gotten great deals and attended with Scouts at a deep discount, but when Dennis was able to secure some front row seats I was particularly excited. I told Dennis the only thing better than sitting front row, would be getting picked to ‘participate’ in the show 😉

I only wish I got better pictures when the very funny, very blonde, and very scantily clad entertainer in the show planted her self in Dennis’ lap several times during the show! She also serenaded him by violin. It made my day!

It was Sean’s first circus…does this say it all, or what?

complete with blue cotton candy on his cheeks

On Sunday, some factors came together that would allow me, Gavin and Mikey to head into NYC. What was so nice about this trip was that although we had tickets to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, we had no other agenda!
We visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, during mass, and heard a recitation of the Apostle’s Creed. It was truly fantastic. I hope the library has a bunch of books about catherdrals! We visited the M&M Store and left with $25 worth of chocolate! We found an Earthcam that we waved to Dennis (and some tourists’ from France’s family) from.

Ripley’s was all that we hoped for complete with taxedermed two-headed animals, illusions, real shrunken heads, the Devices of Torture Gallery, and a huge collection of oddities and facts about strange things.

While we were in Times Square we completed a very ‘flat’ project
we had been wanting to do for some time. Stay tuned!

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