Gavin – An Arrow of Light

I am a big fan of The Boy Scouts of America and of my boys being a part of it. All the boys, so far, have begun the ranks as Tiger Scouts (in fact they have all worn the same Tiger Scout hat and Sean will too). The first pack we were involved with was Branchburg Pack 315 because Ethan participated (and earned his Arrow of Light) at Midland School, which is located in Branchburg. Now we are involved in a pack in Greenbrook and enjoying it just as much.
Gavin works really hard on his cub scout requirements. I don’t think he can fit anymore belt loops on his belt! He has received very nice recognition for his ambitions. He is finishing up his Cub Scout years and was recently awarded the Arrow of Light.

The cermony focused on the boys having learned the Law of the Pack and meeting all the requirements for advancement. The Arrow of Light symbol was used and 7 candles were lit for each of the tenants of the arrow – Wisdom, Courage, Self-control, Justice, Faith, Hope and Love.

There are 10 purposes of  cub scouting and 12 Core values – Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health and Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, all of which we strive to instill in our boys. Our experience has been that if you work at the program with your boys, these values come up time and again.
There are still alot of activities to look forward to this scouting year including the upcoming Klondike Derby, Pinewood Derby, and a Blue & Gold Awards Banquet and Spring Cubelos camping. I look forward to our boys’ continued participation in the scouting program, giving us years of challenge and fun ahead of us.
Congratulations, Gavin, for earning and being an Arrow of Light.

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