14 – Put Strange Stuff in the Microwave

We followed the directions in the book for putting some strange items in the mirowave. They were all pretty interesting and we had neat results.
We put a CD on a paper towel and in the microwave for 3 seconds. We did not have any idea what was going to happen and were surprised that 3 seconds did it. The CD was just what you would picture a brand new CD would look like…but this is what came out!

Another thing we put in the microwave was a grape. We cut the grape in half, leaving a small connection of skin between the two pieces. We put it in for 10 seconds. The book did not tip us off as to what would happen.
Two other very fun items to put in the microwave were marshmallows and Ivory Soap. I won’t tell you what happened so that you can do them for yourself. They were both worth doing.
Dangerous? I don’t think so. This in no way damages the microwave and nothing really scary happened except for the weird plasticky smell from CD, the super-hot marshmallow and the burning grape.

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