Happy Holiday Happenings

I dislike preparing for the holidays. I dislike the shopping, christmas carols played too early, too loud and too often (thanks, Ethan) and the general pressure added to the time of year. Dennis has dubbed me the Grinch – but it’s not true. I don’t enjoy prep – but I enjoy participation.
Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were low-key events, enjoyed by the whole family.

One of the things that has made this holiday particularly delightful is my Aunt Liz. I grew up without any blood relatives in this country. Although I am very grateful that we have always had close friends and psuedo-family, with which to celebrate, my Aunt Liz is my father’s only sister. What’s more, my father died when I was 8, so to have someone so closely related to him nearby is a remarkably comforting feeling. Aunt Liz is easy to entertain, loves to walk, enjoys the kids and compliments all my meals. See why I love her?! She brought a lovely friend, as well. Young, exuberant, and fun-loving, Dorothy is a pleasure.

Now take a deep breath and try to stay with me!

The Miss New Jersey…

took us to see Lovely, Lady Liberty.

Mikey’s sister paid us a visit. It’s too bad they don’t look anything alike!

New Year’s Eve was a Rockefeller Center-visiting, Radio City Rocketts-watching (no flash photgraphy, please!), ice cream ball rolling, midnight-swingset-climbing, firework-watching, horn-blowing, sparkler-waving night! 

New Year’s Day was heralded by a noonish, champagne brunch. Really now – it’s just sparkling cider except for that bottle of brandy you see on the table that was mistakenly put there by Ethan and quickly returned by Dennis 😉
A little science at LSC was thrown in for good measure.
Happy New Year, Eveyone!
And please, try to keep up with us 😉

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