A Personal Ad for Mikey

9 year-old, homeschooled hooligan, looking for fun! All playmates welcomed – 2 year-old boys, 5 year-old girls, a pack of wild 10 year-olds, or teenagers he can run after – Mike can and will play with anyone willing. Friends must move fast – Mikey never walks, he runs. Mikey enjoys cooking and cleaning (really!), eating and making messes. Mikey can ski, skate, and ride anything with wheels. He usually lands on his feet. Mikey likes dance music, christian music, silly songs, country music, rock, pop, classical music. He can eat his own weight in food, and say he’s hungry an hour later. He is ridiculously photogenic…

See? He is a real ‘family man’ and a generous and caring brother. He has his very own sister. Mikey has honed the skill of pretending not to hear us – we have honed the skill of ignoring his act 😉 Mikey loves video games and is armed to the teeth in Nerf guns. He is loud and funny and today…

He is 9! Happy Birthday, Mikey

2 thoughts on “A Personal Ad for Mikey

  1. Theresa

    Wow your boys’ birthdays are close!

    Well, we live not far from you at all and would LOVE to hook up with Mikey and the rest of the gang at KidStreet or any park nearby sometime to run…My girls are girlie girls, but they do like to run around…

  2. Ronnie

    Happy Birthday Mikey! I love you and y our boys, Janet 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life on this blog!

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