11 Things You Should Know About Gavin

1. Gavin was such a predictable baby, my sister and Just Jewelry Girl referred to him as ‘textbook baby’.

2. Gavin could draw parallels between real life and Star Wars by the time he was three. He also still had his pacifier.

3. Gavin does not enjoy any activity that requires the use of an alarm clock.

4. Gavin is a good sport and a great cub scout.

5. When Gavin grows up, he wants to be a teenager. He also says he wants to be some type of engineer when he grows up. (after his stint as a ‘teenager’)

6. Gavin loves reading and is passionate about his books. Gavin loves video gaming and is passionate about his games.

7. Gavin inherited his parents’ quick temper.

8. Gavin is a *very* good brother.

9. Gavin is a picky eater, often critiquing what I cook.

10. Gavin enjoys skateboarding, roller hockey, hiking, and camping. He loves math.

11. Gavin is full of factoids about The World’s Largest blah, blah, blah. Gavin seems to absord information from the air around him.

Gavin is 11 today – and is a blessing to our whole family!

3 thoughts on “11 Things You Should Know About Gavin

  1. Theresa

    happy Birthday, Gavin!!!

    We’ve been homeschooling for two years now and I know we know some of the same people in the area (Central NJ) and I met you at soccer…hope we get to see you around more and get to know Gavin better!

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