The Great Nerf War

A few weeks ago, the boys were invited to participate in a Nerf battle. It was to take place at family’s home that is new to homeschooling. If it was an effort to make new acquaintances, exchange information, talk about educational philosophies, eat yummy treats, romp in an awesome yard and have a bunch of fun – it worked!!

It really couldn’t go wrong. Kids eager to aim at each other, a perfect venue and then the natural course of events unfolded. All types of interesting converations came pouring out of us parents. There were discussions about what classes, clubs and interests the kids were following. Books, websites, message boards and Yahoo groups that support the educational choices people were pursuing were shared. Changes and challenges were discussed. I know I left feeling connected and encouraged and remembering why we choose this lifestyle of learning.

Our hostess could have invited us for an “Informational Meeting” or a “Parent Support Group” or just a Great Nerf War that would yield the same results.

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