NYC on a Balmy Day

The forecast was predicting 60+ degrees (the Saturday after Thanksgiving!) and the calendar was empty. I am sure Dennis could feel it coming. ‘Sooooooo, what should we do tomorrow?’ What’s on your ‘list’ he asks. It didn’t even take too much bargaining before he said yes to the High Line Park in NYC. I have been wanting to go for quite some time, and have even had friends who’ve beat me there and so I had to be jealous for a while.

The park is linear, because it is built on an old, raised freight line that runs from the Meat Packing District to about Chelsea with plans to open one more segment. There are beautiful plantings (we missed to the best of season, I think), bridges, pathways, brick, boardwalk and even a lawn.

We managed the distance easily and walked back to where we started on street level next to the piers. We passed Chelsea Piers and took in some sites including the skatepark, the Hudson River and a big grassy park.

Since this was all going so well, I suggested a subway ride that would get us to Central Park. I’d love to get proficient (or at least functional) at riding the subway to destinations in New York. Shortens all the distances.

Central Park was great. It is truly amazing that amidst all the city noise and tall buildings there is this park. It is so huge it will take us many trips (yeah!) to see all that I want to see.

This Silver-Robot man sounded and moved just like a robot when the kids put money in the box he was standing on.

Hecksher Playground is a giant, cement castle-like playground built right into the gigantic, climbable rocks.

Wollman Rink. We didn’t skate – but we can’t wait to.

We were really hoping to find Balto.

The kids rode the carousel, saw bunches of statues (William Shakespeare, Robert Burns), we saw jet black squirrels, huge, old trees, interesting people, and lots of street musicians. The list of what we didn’t do is long. Guess we will just have to go back.

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