My Relationship with Halloween

I like Halloween – in theory. I like the idea of costumes, apples, pumpkins and fall frolicking. I hate the idea of trick-or-treating and the treats obtained turning my kids into monstrous versions of themselves. I dislike hearing my own voice saying things like “Quit pushing your brother!”, “Stop walking on the neighbor’s flowers!”, “Watch out for that puddle”, “Stay together – get over here!”. I turn into a parent I don’t want to be, with kids I don’t want to have!

This year we hosted a Halloween party, for which I was without a camera and power thanks to an Oct. 29th snowstorm. (18 days prior, we were on the beach and in the water!)

On Halloween, Gavin & Mikey and I had the opportunity to visit with some residents at The Brandywine Assisted Living. I admit, it was a little awkward at first, trying to speak with people we did not know. But the residents seemed really happy to just see kids traipsing around in costumes.

Mikey was a shining, little beacon to the residents. He could talk easily with them, sit close to them and even ask them to try on his mask! He thought the ladies were lovely and they thought he was the cat’s pjs!

He asked how soon we could go back and visit Barbara & Doreen. What a gift! We are definatly going back.

Later on, the boys only wanted to go around the block – and Ethan opted out about 1/2 way around. He likes handing out candy. But, the candy certainly got the better of them and there was still all types of frenzied behavior and mouthy children.

Hyper and fresh – but soooo darn cute!!

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