Holiday Week Recap

* Hockey season ended – with nail biting playoff games and trophies. That frees up Friday nights and Saturdays to…well, do more stuff!

* Christmas Cookie Baking has begun – with great disappointment and a service call to GE Appliances for cookies browning on one side and raw cookies on the other side of the oven 🙁

* Ethan participated in Midland School’s Annual Jumpathon and ended up in the local newspaper, which made him extremely happy, and his ego even bigger. Gavin, Mikey and Sean were also given a chance to jump, which made them all very happy.

* Thanksgiving was super-casual with parade-watching, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, immediate family and paper plates. It was nice. I didn’t even clean the house for everyone coming. Come to think of it, I didn’t clean it after either.

* Post-holiday, I joined the women of Dennis’ family for dinner and a holiday show. Kid-free, ladies only. Rare and very nice.

* Saturday was spent attending birthday parties. A space-themed 5th Birthday party and a beautiful Sweet Sixteen.

* There was a trip to NYC that needs it’s own post!

* The last of the Thanksgiving leftovers were served as ‘turkey salad sandwiches’ for our trip to NY and dinner this evening as ‘dinner pie’ with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on the bottom, turkey, carrots, broccoli, and gravy as the filling and stuffing piled on top and baked. Met with mixed reviews – and thankfully finished.

The payment for all this fun and frivolity is a laundry monster that is howling from the basement and the rest of the house looking like this.

Truth in advertising.

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