Green Valley Homeschool/A radio station tour

The kids and I hang out with folks from a homeschool group called The Green Valley Homeschool Coop. I came upon them when someone at another homeschool group snidely commented (with an stinkface) that I sounded like I belonged “at Green Valley”. Turns out, she was right.

Green Valley is an ecletic and diverse group of people. There are all types of homeschoolers – highly academic & structured, classical, Charlotte Mason subscribers, Waldorf types, unschoolers and every variant of those. It was exciting for me to meet people with every religious and philosophical affiliation, lots of nationalities, different family structures, and with children of all ages. It was a welcome change from the ‘cookie cutter’ type of homeschool group. And good for my kids.

Green Valley is a free-flowing, social group. I always leave a gathering feeling blessed. Although there is not a specific curiculum of classes offered, they always seem to ‘just happen’ somehow.  Someone offers a book club or spanish lessons, someone coordinates classes at a local museum and offers it to the group, and people are always organizing field trips. That is how we ended up at Magic 98.3 this week.

Touring a radio station was way more interesting than I had anticipated. The office at this station happened to be really friendly and welcoming. We were shown several different studios, given history of the stations they supported, ratings were explained and we were able to meet the on-air personalities. We were told they are no longer ‘disc jockeys’ as there are no such things are ‘discs’ anymore!

Kids and moms alike had lots of questions and I think listening to the radio will certainly conjure more vibrant images of a fascinating industry. Keep up the great work, Green Valley, we’re awesome!

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