The Last Two Days Have Been Kind of Sh*&y

(Lest I portray that life is rosy all the time. Sorry for the profanity if your not inclined and don’t proceed if you have a weak stomach.)

The utility sink overflowed. But not from utility-sink water, the kind you don’t want flooding your basement. We figured that out when someone flushed and it brought a new cascade of not so clean water out onto our basement floor. There was lots of it. Roto-Rooter was called, but they couldn’t come until morning. Really? Since I am the only one who can’t easily pee on the grass, I think I took it the hardest.

Then the baby pooped in the tub. That’s not new, but he was particularly creative this time. But we were in a rush to get somewhere, surprising, right? And I didn’t mean to leave the poo in the tub. But then came the grumpy phone call from Dennis asking if that was poop in the tub? Ummm, yeah it is. Like I said, I didn’t mean to leave it there.

Then Sean pooped and peed on Dennis’ chair in the office, so I went to put him in the tub. When he dumped all of his bath toys into the tub, it became evident that he had ‘strategically hidden’ a quantity of poop inside one of the toys. Drain bath. Scrub. Santize tub and kid.

I grabbed up all the bath toys that were implicated and stuck them in the utility sink. Only problem was, the washer was running and it drains into that sink. Flood number two on the basement floor. I had recently scrubbed and dried that floor and just started the fans the dehumidifier. Rewind. Start again.

This morning the upstairs toilet flooded after being used. Are you seeing a theme here?

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