Columbus Day = Cousin’s Day

I am making an announcement. Columbus Day is now reserved for spending with your cousins! We received several lucky strikes that enabled us to make Columbus Day into “Cousin’s Day”. First was that mother nature offered us 85 degrees of sunny goodness. The other was that my sister forgot that her children would need childcare because there was no school (love you!) Another is that my kids never have school. The last is that we can drive to the beach in under an hour.

I was able to meet my best friend (40 years of friendship, baby!) with two of her little girls (yeah, more cousins!) for the day. She was able to leave her littlest and yummiest baby at home for a relaxing day for all.

Happy Cousin’s Day everyone. Looking forward to doing it again next year. Oh, I hope we can do that beach part, but if not, we dig up fun just about anywhere!

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