Collegiate Quidditch & A Date with Gavin

Quidditch is an imaginary game played in the Harry Potter books – I mean, it’s ‘real’ in HP, but it’s imaginary in ‘real life’, right?!?! Wrong! Quidditch is gaining all types of validation here, here & here. Get on the quaffel people, this is a great game!

Gavin and I attended the 2011 Brotherly Love Quidditch Match at Chestnut Hill College. It was a beautiful setting for an HP event. Quidditch was a mix of lacross & dodgeball with some hide & seek and tag thrown in. The golden snitch was a track-caliber runner whose presence on the field prompted spectators (yes, even me) to yell, ‘there he is!!’

This is a co-ed sport and every body type was represented – which was great to see. Colleges represented Vasser, John Hopkins, University of Maryland, Penn State and others. Gavin and I both liked it alot.

Also part of the HP day was the town of Chestnut Hill renaming all their shops to Harry Potter shop names and we browsed each of them. We had Philly-style hot pretzels for lunch and attended a ‘Defense of the Dark Arts’ Class. I don’t know when the last time I spent a day alone with Gavin, but I know I want to do it again soon! And each of my other boys, too. You’re going to see a few more ‘dates’ featured here soon.

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