Surfer’s Healing for Ethan

Thanks to Dennis’ quick typing and form-submitting skills, we were able to secure a spot for Ethan at a Surfer’s Healing surf camp. It’s a coveted spot – camp was filled up in 2 minutes. 

Surfer’s Healing brings some of the world’s best surfers who work tirelessly to get each and every kid with special needs out and over the waves, hang out in the ocean for a while and then bring them in – surfing!

We suspected that Monday might be a lighter attendance day, and we don’t mind taking Ethan out of school so that’s the day we picked. It was predicted to be 81 degrees and sunny – and delivered.

When we arrived, many kids were already out in the water and we found friends of ours who had already surfed. The beach was essentially empty, barring the surf camp and the waves were nice enough.

For a kid who usually wades as far as the tops of his feet, it is hard to picture him getting out there. But, there is something to be said for the energy these surfers exude. There is not alot of talking and it is really hard to put your finger on what you are seeing. I will tell you, it is amazing.

I did not get great pictures and I am hoping that the professionals who were on the beach will soon post theirs’ and I can get permission to use them. Dennis also needs to view and edit and video footage he was able to get and hopefully we can post that soon.

It’s just surfing, right? Not on this day. Ethan knew he did something fantastic, he was shaking and happy and proud. I’m a sap – I cried. Happy tears because he got do something so out of his typical skill set and seemed to make him feel so good. I also liked that his brothers got to see Ethan do something so cool.

We stayed at the beach late into the afternoon (of course!) and had a great time. I treasure magical moments like this one, and I thank Surfer’s Healing for giving it to us.

Professional pictures of this can be found in this post. 

Check out The Swell Life on the Oprah Network. It’s a show about Surfer’s Healing and the Paskowitz Family.

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