Space Farms Zoo & Museum

A recent trip took us to Space Farms Zoo & Museum. It is located in Sussex, NJ. What Space Farms truly is a “collection of collections” acquired by Ralph Space, including the ‘collection’ of animals. The items housed at the Space Family’s property range from teapots, to arrowheads, hearses to indian artifacts, clocks, anitque cars, rifles, antique toys, antique farm equipment and endless other items. Many are marked as the largest or only collection of that type in the country or world.

If you want to see  something old, chances are that Ralph Space owned it! The boys were most interested in looking at the stuff, I was most intrigued by the fact that man would feel compelled to own, catalogue and display all this stuff. I came across this article, and now I definately need to know more. I should have picked up the two books Dennis offered me in the gift shop 🙁

There is a play park in the middle of the zoo that suited us nicely. It was old (you know, metal and nice and dangerous) climbing equipment and swings. There is a picnic area and coolers are welcomed. We didn’t need to bring ours in since we ate our sandwiches on the way up. Dessert was a ‘Summer Smash Pie’ with 6 forks purchased at a roadside stand.

We knew we were in good company when spotted this sign.

The collection of animals housed here is listed here. One animals I had never seen before, but heard of recently due to making a natural comeback in New Jersey, was a Fisher.

This is Fred Space, Ralph Space’s son. He was very pleasant to talk to. He told us that his son and grandkids are all involved in running the farm & museum.

I love day trips, all of us spending the day doing something together and funky & interesting New Jersey sites with history. Thank you, Space Farms for a great day. Get out and see it for yourself.

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