Instead of Going to School

We cook. Play games. Read. Clean. Hike. Swim. Watch movies. Do laundry. Measure. Weigh. Add. Subtract. Read. Skateboard. Look through telescopes, microscopes & bioscopes. Visit museums, aquariums, zoos, nature centers, planetariums, botanical gardens, & art exhibits. Eat. Color. Bake. Sweep. Paint. Feed pets. Ride bikes. Write. Cut & Paste. Geocache. Run. Swing. Jump. Vacuum. Read. Build. Game.  Drum & Strum. Balance. Shop. Stack. Match. Cuddle. Read. Fight. Drive. Wade. Mix. Visit. Plant. Play. Pretend. Invent. Experiment. Fold. Nap. Observe. Count. Discuss. Debate. Argue. Juggle. Splash. Clean. Skate. Hike. Dig. Fish. Blog. Float. Investigate. Calculate. Meditate. Pray. Multiply. Divide. Walk. Talk.

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