A Good Walk

We make great use of an area called The Great Swamp located near us. We visit the birds at The Raptor Trust, play in the The Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center and take long walks on the boardwalks constucted throughout the swamp. On our last visit, we utilized the park’s “Self Guided Trail Booklet for the Orange & Red Trails”. The booklet tells you how to follow trails and covers a little bit about ‘Leave No Trace’ guidelines.

The booklet uses numbered trail markers to show things along the trail such as specific trees, pond life, deer enclosures, and even helps you identify poison ivy. There are 14 stations along the trail and the trail itself is just a nice walk. Just like everywhere else in NJ right now, it is heavy on the mosquitos 🙁

We will visit again and again, getting a chance to see snakes, hawks, looking for owl pellets, view the fall foliage, chase chipmunks, watch turtles, listen to the birds and spend some good time walking. Good for kids, good for moms.

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