The Best Beach Day Evah!

It was a random Thursday morning when I asked Ethan what he wanted to do. His answer was, “ok, yes, let’s go to the beach!” I have probably asked him 5 times in the last 2 weeks if he’d like to go – always getting a firm ‘no!’. Here was my yes. (yes, that’s how it works in Ethan-world)

I got an affirmative from the other boys so I told them to get bathing suits and towels and I grabbed water bottles. Typically going to the beach means a huge cooler and tons of paraphenalia – but not this time – it was almost 11 a.m. – it was do or die. So we did.

When we made it to the beach, we found it drastically altered by Hurricane Irene. Everyone was bunched up against the dunes, the waves were coming in much higher up the beach than usual and there were huge, warm, critter-infested tidal pools where the waves came crashing far up the shore. The tidal pools were exactly where we usually sit.

It was sunny and breezy with no humidity – the trifecta! Ethan settled in to playing with things he had brought and I did something you might find shocking – I sat down – in a beach chair! One of the moms there said the tidal pools were a ‘supervising mom’s dream’. She was right.

They spent hours bringing me live, dead and every fishy-smelling souvenir they could find. Mikey played with two dead crabs like they were World Wrestling Federation opponents.

Then, the easiest-travelling baby on earth took a two hour nap! I sat in that beach chair like there was no tomorrow and hoping that if there was a tomorrow – it would be just like today 🙂

I’m awarding Thursday the ‘Best Beach Day of the Year’ award. Some days I feel like a scullery maid in a house of 4 (isn’t that 5) boys, and some days – I feel like Queen of the World (or beach as it may be.)

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  1. Michelle in Mx

    That is completely awesome~ we went swimming on Wednesday – almost went to the beach, but I am not a big beach person. The rest of my family sure is. So *if* I go to the beach it usually and out of necessity, is with minimal stuff. I always bring me a chair and shade.
    Your day sounds perfect!

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