10 – Play with the vacuum cleaner

Playing with the vacuum is just not something the boys have thought about doing before. That might be because I love that vacuum dearly and have told them that it is probably the most expensive thing I own. They had alot of fun and were able to make crazy sounds come out of it!

One of the sounds was a high-pitched humming sound and the other was a terribly annoying buzzing. Then the broke out the shop vac to test out Mr. Bernoulli’s Principle.

 Dangerous? Only to my vacuum. Not remotely for the kids. It was still fun and keeps us on the track of doing all 50 ‘dangerous’ things.

1 thought on “10 – Play with the vacuum cleaner

  1. Brooke Davis

    Thanks Annette!! Playing with vacuums can be fun and not so fun!You made awesome points though! Honestly I believe a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner to be plenty beneficial, and I think many should own one. They save you a lot more time where, in fact, you can play with them. I actually came a across one of these ten years ago, and it is still with me today! Enjoy and have a great day!

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