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Dear blog –

I really like you. You’re alot of fun. I mean to pay more attention to you, it’s just so hard right now. See there are these 4 boys (you know, how you got your name?) who need something alternatingly every 2.7 seconds. When they don’t need something, they are making ALOT of messes, torturing each other, and jumping from heights that would give most mothers palpatations.

Ethan is out of school, and although he purports to enjoy his time off school, it mostly stresses him out. Because the bus doesn’t come, and there’s no morning news or schedule posted, and we don’t structure our day into 1 hour increments, his anxiety sky rockets and that takes a toll on all of us.

Because when Ethan’s not happy – ain’t no one happy! And it seems like Ethan gives license to everyone else to spiral out of control right along with him. It is hard to play board games, listen to a story, or hear your own thoughts, while Miley Cyrus, who is housed in his iPod, is singing at the top of her lungs out of my new Bose speakers.

See, Cesar Millan knows packs need a stable alpha leader. The pack needs a calming, centered energy that disperses to the whole pack – oh boy, am I in trouble. I don’t need Supernanny, I need the dog whisperer – remember, we are talking a pack here.

But, just when the screeching of the banshee’s reaches heights that I am sure will require human sacrifice to quell, everyone finds a groove and like cogs in a wheel a little humming can be felt.

Then there’s a lull and all is right with the world. Ethan cracks a joke and settles down to read the phone book, Mikey & Gavin sit down to a quiet game of cards, Sean watches squirrels in the backyard and I peel the “kick me” sign off my back.

Hang in there blog – this too shall pass, and I’ll probably miss it when it does.

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