Hunting for Treasure

We have wanted to dive into Geocaching for some time now. It’s an activity the whole family can do together, usually involves alot of walking, and occurs outdoors – doesn’t it have ‘Costello’ written all over it ?! It is an all around fun thing to do, is used in the scouting program, and involves a worldwide community.

We were given the opportunity, by Dennis’ cousin who works at Kittatinny State Park, to attend an introduction to geocaching at the park. Dennis, Gavin and Mikey got to try out the class while I had to chase Ethan and Sean through the park got to spend some time with my other two children. The park lent them these little units.

The handheld GPS gets you within a certain radius and then you are on your own to do the looking. Some caches give you more clues than others, but it really is a ‘hunting’ game.

After the park we were offered food, fun and frivolity at Dennis’ cousin’s house. It’s definately the place you want to be offered food. Yum!

We carried on at home, looking up some caches local to our house. The little packages were well hidden in places we pass almost everyday. You would have no reason to know about them, unless you are playing the game.

Some we found, some we didn’t and there is still alot to learn in the way of abbreviations, terminology and geocaching etiquette. We haven’t purchase a heldheld GPS yet, but used this little app that did a great job.

Happy hunting, everyone!!

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  1. Jennifer

    I”ve had no luck with the geocaching app. It’s been a long time since I tried. I’ll have to try again. We do a lot of letterboxing but haven’t been successful geocaching. Once this extreme heat breaks, I want to get out and try again.

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