A Little ‘culture for My Boys

Agriculture that is! We make a yearly pilgirmage out to our county’s 4H Fair. It is interesting, inspiring and delicious. The boys say things like, “I didn’t know kids could sew”, “can I join a robotics club” and “can we have a guinea pig?”

It’s a place where kids come to show off their wares, animals, clubs, creations, cooking, and countless other things.

So quaint, right? You wouldn’t even know he’s from North Plainfield with a yard the size of a postage stamp!

The boys tried juggling, spinning plates and hula hooping with the folks from The Circus Place. I think we will need to take a class or two there.

The animals of every shape and size are always the hightlight – even though they see them every year. Sean was at the cutest age to come across cows lounging in a tent!

There is a food tent, and we always look forward to the hot, buttery Jersey corn. It has been dinner on more than one occassion.

Today is the last day in Somerset County – bet there is still corn to be had.

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