Some Beach

Those of you who know me well, know that I will drop just about anything for a beach day. I try to get there early in the season and late in the season, early in the day, and late in the day. It is the cure for all that ails you – I promise! There is nothing wrong that the ocean can’t sort out for you.

See those rays out of light streaming down through the clouds – curative properties for sure. If you really can’t get to the ocean, a lovely lake can suffice until you can make your way to the coastal ends of the country. I can attest to the effectiveness of that also.

I know, you think it’s hard to schlep the kids on and off the beach, not to mention the organizing, packing up, and driving. But, I guarantee that it will be worth each little grain of sand that ends up in your car and other unspeakable crevices 🙂

1 thought on “Some Beach

  1. Christan

    What a great line… “There is nothing wrong that the ocean can’t sort out for you.” Heading to the Georgia coastline tomorrow morning. So very ready.

    I’m loving your blog.

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