96 minutes alone in the woods

No – it’s not my kids newest stunt (but I think it should be).

The opportunity presented itself and I jumped at the chance. I can think of few others things I’d rather do than take a good long walk in the woods.

Although the parking lot was filled with cars, I never encountered another person during my walk. No one spoke to me, I didn’t speak to anyone and my favorite parts were when the gravel path gave way to hard, cracked mud that silenced even my own footsteps. I am certain that I am transformed to another time and place with all the shade speckled light, extra oxygen and the screams for a distant, hunting hawk.

I have very little time that I am not in the presence of my children. We have designed our life purposefully that way and I enjoy it. Rarely, I find myself needing some time alone, and I find more often than not I am escaping my own voice than that of my kids. I walked and prayed for quite some time. I can think of no better place, for me personally, to connect with the Divine.

I did have to fight the thoughts, “oh, the kids would love this!” as if we haven’t walked this path 10 times together before and I didn’t have a camera phone with me!

Thanks, Mother Nature for the snacks, they were awesome!
The trails that I was walking are particularly well-marked and I could not resist a detour to something called ‘the dance floor’ on the map. It sounded so intriguing.

Yes, that’s all there was, and yes, I did.
I walked intentionally thinking about what the path said about life. What’s around that corner? Are those boards all safe? How much longer will this part go on?
In the woods I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, I feel something tugging at my heart, I feel like someone is speaking to me. I think I know Who it is.

1 thought on “96 minutes alone in the woods

  1. H Wayne Hastrup

    Wonderful! I like the part about the path being representative of life… great imagery. And yet for as “alone” as you were, and while that path may have been new to you, you were still walking on paths that have been traveled before (someone put those boards there). Sometimes we need to remember that others have been down our paths before and for as alone as we may feel on our life paths, in the end, we’re not.

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