What a difference a week makes!

No sooner did we get back from our hotel-home, when I realized that we still could not function in the house. Dennis and I slept here…

which was just a carved out nook in the new kitchen amongst the boxes and furniture from the entire house. There was no where for the kids to sit, eat, play, or walk for that matter (on the newly refinished wood floors).

So, Just Jewelry Girl came to our rescue again. She invited us to spend some time at her vacation rental that she *happened* to have for the week – yeah! We did things like this…

This is an example of how homeschooling, in terms of a lifestyle, is a great advantage. We were able to just pick up and leave without the constraints of schedules and timeframes.

We did come home to a bevy of cabinets and appliances everywhere, which means an end *really* is in site. Painters and new windows come next week.

In the midst of all this, Ethan hit a major milestone – he left for school today with plans for a ‘boys only’ sleepover at school! 5 friends, a baseball game, a movie, rockwall climbing and no mom & dad. Boy, that boy is growing up!

See what a difference a week makes!?!

2 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes!

  1. Wayne

    Not sure if it was intentional, but did you really mean “and end is in ‘site'” (instead of ‘sight’… which is a nice play on words since its a job ‘site’)

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