The good, the bad and the ugly – Kitchen Remodel #4

The good news is, we have walls, recessed lighting, and even a slider!

The bad news is, all the things that were piled into the dining room, are now piled in the living room, and we are living like this….(just to be honest here, this is when it is clean and tidy – it can be worse!)

That’s really it. There is nowhere else to go. Except outside, the park, Dunkin Donuts, the library, anywhere with WiFi, visiting friends and neighbors, my mother’s, the arcade, the zoo, Home Depot, Target, the skatepark, and the state parks. Here’s how it goes – I start yelling at kids to pack up what they want and get in the car, Dennis asks, “Where are you going?” and I say, “anywhere but here!”

Even more good news, is that Dennis surprised me with the ability to get both our hardwood floors redone, and new windows for the whole house!

The bad news is that the whole first floor is hardwoods and there are windows in every room. You do know what that means right?!?

4 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly – Kitchen Remodel #4

  1. Anonymous

    Progress is painful. You and your kids are always welcome and I have a trampoline!

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